What we're about.

We’re all about making your life easier, so as we wrestled with the details of how to best tell you our story, it came down to three little words: Simple. Powerful. Flexible. Why? Well, because it defines our approach perfectly. Read through our reasoning—we think you’ll agree.


Simple means something different to everyone. To an employee with a MIS degree, what we call a Super User, simple is vastly different than it is to a Field Worker with little exposure to software. 

Beehive is designed to be simple for both these user sets. After all, shouldn’t your software supplier take on the challenge of making their product intuitive and easy to learn for all your intended users? 

Our software allows a Super User to get creative and push the boundaries of what can be accomplished. At the same time, we utilize a user set and permissions-based process customized to each layer of user in your group. Super Users with SQL experience can use that skill set while Field Workers do their jobs seeing only the information they need and interact with our software in a point and click environment. 

And at this point if you are thinking you don’t have a Super User with SQL experience there is no need to worry. We have staff in our support area who can fill that role for you.  

Take beehive for a spin and experience how we're reshaping data management.

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